Introducing Inside My Radio

Lundi 2 juin 2014


We’re super happy to introduce our new project – Inside My Radio!

Inside My Radio is a rhythm-action platformer game where you start as a little green guy living inside a broken boombox. During your quest to fix it, you journey through different musical worlds where all the actions you perform must be synchronized with the beat of the music.

Let the astonishing music made by Joachim NEUVILLE guide you through this beat-driven world!


Check out the official website for more informations, follow us on Twitter for latest news or like on Facebook!

Inside My Radio is planned for digital stores on PC and Consoles sometimes when it’s ready… But way before 2016 don’t worry! We may do a Kickstarter in the Summer so keep in touch!


Jeudi 10 avril 2014

“Touch screen, rear touch pad, ooouuuuhlala!”


The first day we showed you guys Ethan: Meteor Hunter, all you asked was to get a PS Vita version. That was a bit offensive for the PlayStation 3 version we released back in October, and yet, here it is!

Today we are very happy to announce Ethan: Meteor Hunter will release on PlayStation Vita next week on 15th April (SCEA) / 16th April (SCEE) for $9.99 / £7.99 / 9.99€ !

PS Plus members can claim a 20% discount for the launch week and the game is of course cross buy with the PlayStation 3 version!

PS Vita version features touch screen to manipulate objects, I’ll let you have a look:

The rear touch pad has not been forgotten as you can use it to rotate objects when grabbing them with R:

If fancy a review code, feel free to contact us press_@_seaven-studio_._com and in the meantime have a loor at our updated our online presskit.

Let’s not forget about Steam and try to get some exposure there with a weeklong deal 75% off starting Monday for PC gamers to enjoy!

Hope you guys will enjoy the game as much as we had making it! Don’t forget to follow us on Twitter for the latest news! We will be soon announcing our next game… ;)

Ethan: Meteor Hunter coming to Vita, releases on Steam and gets a PS3 & PC demo

Mardi 4 février 2014

Hey guys!


We’re super happy to announce that Ethan: Meteor Hunter, often described as “when Super Meat Boy meets Braid” and released 22nd October on PlayStation 3 and PC, will arrive on PlayStation Vita very soon! We will announce a definitive release date once it’s been approved by Sony.

« We’re really glad with this Vita version of Ethan: Meteor Hunter » says Olivier PENOT, producer & co-founder at Seaven Studio. « The touch screen just made sense with the telekinesia feature. This is something players asked for and we listened, this is really a community release! ».

Have a look on the front touch screen feature:

But also the Rear Touch Pad!

We are releasing this week a PlayStation 3 demo of Ethan: Meteor Hunter for everybody to taste the challenge. Finally, full game is -50% off this week for PS+ members, 30% off for everybody. And YES, the Vita title will be cross-buy with the PlayStation 3 one. So that’s a Vita game at 50% off to try right now!


Last but not least, Ethan: Meteor Hunter got greenlit on Steam early January, thanks to Reddit following our post mortem. We are very happy to announce that the Steam version of the game will be available this Friday 7th February with -20% off launch discount. It will be feature leaderboards, achievements, cloud save, full controller support with big picture mode and steam trading cards! A demo of the game will also be available on Friday exclusively via Steam. All owners of the game via our website will enjoy a free Steam key as soon as available! As Reddit took a great part of that release, we’ll be doing an Ask Me Anything (AMA) on 7th February at 18:00 GMT+1 (Central Europe) which is 9:00am PST.

If we sum-up this heavy announcement:

  • Ethan: Meteor Hunter comes to Vita very soon, cross buy and front touch screen featured
  • PlayStation 3 demo is out this week with a special sale on the full game with -50% for PS+ or -30% discount
  • Steam release this Friday 7th with -20% off featuring leaderboards, achievements, cloud save, full controller support with big picture mode and steam trading cards.
  • PC demo exclusively available on Steam at release
  • AMA on Reddit 7th February at 18:00 GMT+1 (Central Europe) / 09:00am PST.

Many more gamers will enjoy the tough challenge of Ethan: Meteor Hunter, awarded “Best Digital Game of 2013” by! Polish people have great taste.

Christmas Sales!

Vendredi 20 décembre 2013

Hello guys,

It’s Christmas time and we’re going to rest a bit after this full year of rollercoaster emotions! In order to celebrate, you can now buy or offer Ethan: Meteor Hunter at 50% off right here! You’ll get a Steam Key as soon as a Steam version will be available.

You can also count on PlayStation 3 sales with the game now at 7.99€/$ and 6.39€/$ for PlayStation Plus members (SCEA & SCEE).

We also involved ourselves in charity for the hungry ones, making Ethan: Meteor Hunter available in the “Holiday Helpings” Groupees’ bundle. Each $1 donated during this event gives 1 meal for the hungry:


Thank You Reddit Sale

Samedi 7 décembre 2013

To keep you updated on the crazy past 24h we just had if you don’t follow us on Twitter (you should @SeavenStudio ).

The post mortem went sort of viral, somebody posted it on Reddit and it has now more than 900 comments on it! Head over there :

TotalBiscuit (240k followers) tweeted about the postmortem too which crashed our website for a short moment due to a lot of visits at once!

So 24h later:

-> 100+ comments on the blogpost

-> 830+ upvotes on Steam Greenlight, we’re now #84 place in the chart! A giant bump!

Capture d’écran 2013-12-07 à 20.13.28-> we’ve sold around 30 copies extras since the post mortem went live, thanks for the support! That’s +25% bump : )

And of course countless precious feedbacks on why you didn’t buy the game :) mostly « never heard of it » & « art is not appealing ». We’ll make sure to keep you posted on what’s next for us and involve you more in the process to avoid these mistakes.

THANK YOU AGAIN for your support, it’s heartwarming :)

As a thank you, we’ve just started a « Thank You Reddit » Sale, get Ethan 30% off!  Only for 48h!