Ethan: Meteor Hunter releases on Xbox One July 1st!

Jun 27, 2016 @ 17:00

After releasing Inside My Radio on PC, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and WiiU, it’s time for us to go back to our first love with Ethan: Meteor Hunter! Back then we had this little indie dream of releasing on Xbox Live Arcade on Xbox 360 but it’s wasn’t possible… Now this is partially fixed with your favorite rat releasing on Xbox One this Friday, July 1st!

Don’t remember what is Ethan: Meteor Hunter about? Your name is Ethan, a rat that got touched by meteorites giving him the power of telekinesis: freezing time and moving objects around him.


Freeze time and manipulate the world with endless possibilities: build the solution YOU want where nothing is scripted and levels can be solved in multiple ways.


Game features 50 levels within 3 different worlds, time attack, secret objects to find to unlock secret levels, real time physics with nothing scripted, tons of challenges… Be part of the 1% by finishing it completely!

Ethan: Meteor Hunter releases Friday 1st July on Xbox One for $9.99 / 9.99€ with a 10% discount only for Gold members.

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