French indie sale on Steam

Sep 17, 2014 @ 19:05


We are very, very and truly, happy to announce that with a dozen French indie developers we’re organizing the French Indie Sale, running today on Steam!

Celebrate top French independent game developers! The promotion features 15 innovative French indie games, pick from hits like Evoland, Fly’N, Strike Vector and gems like Tetrobot and Co., Type:Rider, Ethan: Meteor Hunter and many more!

All of these titles are discounted on Steam starting Sept 17 at 10 am Pacific Time for 48h only until Sept 19 at 10am Pacific time.

You can find the full list below with its dedicated page:

Get Ethan: Meteor Hunter now! Still only 0.9% succeeded to finish it 100%…And every copy bought will help us finish a better version of Inside My Radio <3 so please share the love!

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