Thank You Reddit Sale

Dec 7, 2013 @ 20:14

To keep you updated on the crazy past 24h we just had if you don’t follow us on Twitter (you should @SeavenStudio ).

The post mortem went sort of viral, somebody posted it on Reddit and it has now more than 900 comments on it! Head over there :

TotalBiscuit (240k followers) tweeted about the postmortem too which crashed our website for a short moment due to a lot of visits at once!

So 24h later:

-> 100+ comments on the blogpost

-> 830+ upvotes on Steam Greenlight, we’re now #84 place in the chart! A giant bump!

Capture d’écran 2013-12-07 à 20.13.28-> we’ve sold around 30 copies extras since the post mortem went live, thanks for the support! That’s +25% bump : )

And of course countless precious feedbacks on why you didn’t buy the game 🙂 mostly “never heard of it” & “art is not appealing”. We’ll make sure to keep you posted on what’s next for us and involve you more in the process to avoid these mistakes.

THANK YOU AGAIN for your support, it’s heartwarming 🙂

As a thank you, we’ve just started a “Thank You Reddit” Sale, get Ethan 30% off!  Only for 48h!

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